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Art, DAOs, and Pandora papers

CEO sends customers $90 million, asks for it back


How is Theranos different to startups today?

Fake it till you make it or fraud?


China, Prince Andrew & blockchain games

China's tech crackdown, big news for Pakistan and Axie Infinity


Crypto, Netflix & Nadia Eghbal

One new bill, two lawsuits, and Nadia Eghbal's latest article


Square, Afterpay, doing the real thing

Square, Afterpay, and an article on doing the real thing


The metaverse, Off-White & break-ups

Thoughts on the metaverse, Virgil Abloh's next move, and an iota of hope for regulators


🔗 The last links issue

Links to legal news and timeless articles


🔗 More links

Top legal news from this week.


🔗 A lot of links

Top legal news from this week, with a few long-reads thrown in at the bottom.


The bitcoin bill & explosive revelations

The Big Bitcoin Bill


IPOs, historic deals & weird Google results

LegalZoom IPOs, again.


A big privacy case & Amazon's smart-dumb deal

India's biggest privacy case, ever.


The battle of the Tims, Snapchat & blood diamonds

Epic vs Apple winds down, Snap's biggest deal yet, and blood diamonds


Special issue: a chat with Ali Zahid

A chat with Ali Zahid on life, startups & legaltech


Innovation races, a big trial & Fluent

... one story, one trend, one startup.


Satoshi, antitrust & a dumb case

The anti-antitrust club


Cryptokicks, weed & telemedicine

Big Tech goes all in on healthcare


Special Issue: Artificial Creativity

Earlier this year, one of my favourite internet writers, Packy McCormick, wrote a piece called Power to the Person. In it, Packy explains we're living in an age of individual influence: the upsurge in tools that were built to capitalize on creativity - TikTok…


NFTs, Lil Nas & Palantir

NFTs have some legal issues.


Fraud, WeWork & plant-based leather

Fake Insider Trading is Bad, Too.