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Art, DAOs, and Pandora papers

Happy Monday! I've been gravitating towards the eccentricities of law, rather than the classic 'Big Tech ruins the world' stories I usually write about.Some news that's a little weirder than usual:CEO threatens to dox his own user baseArtist takes money for c…


How is Theranos different to startups today?

Welcome to the 367 new subscribers joining since my last issue. To my existing subscribers --You've probably noticed my writing has been a little ad-hoc lately. Moving forward, I'm striving for the same weekly consistency that got me this far with Legit since…


China, Prince Andrew & blockchain games

Hello! First things first - we have a new website! The aim is to highlight long-form content and try push out monthly special issues.Next special issue: the metaverse 👀But for now: An update on ChinaWill we see Prince Andrew in court? Probably notA big Series…


Crypto, Netflix & Nadia Eghbal

Happy Monday! In today's issue: Crypto stuff Netflix v Dershowitz A Theranos update


Square, Afterpay, doing the real thing

Hello! One slightly longer M&A breakdown for you guys this week. (Experimenting with content lately so email me feedback!).


The metaverse, Off-White & break-ups

Happy Tuesday! Apologies for this week's newsletter going out one day later than usual. On the agenda this evening:My thoughts on the metaverse.Luxury M&A.Boring M&A (but with fun consequences). p.s. you guys liked the non-legal links I posted, so I'l…


🔗 The last links issue

Happy Monday! This is the last links-heavy issue I'll be sending out. From next week, back to long-form content :)


🔗 More links

Happy Monday! Here's pt.2 of the best legal/non-legal links I've come across this week. P.s if you've come across any good articles lately, send them my way!


🔗 A lot of links

Good Monday afternoon! For the next 2 weeks, we'll be taking a little break and sending out interesting (legal & non-legal) links instead of long-form stories. Enjoy! P.s. we'll be back with a new website 👀 Lmk if you want to give me feedback & I'll …


The bitcoin bill & explosive revelations

Happy Monday! Just two stories today: The big Bitcoin bill. Explosive Trump-DOJ revelations.


IPOs, historic deals & weird Google results

Happy Monday! Before we get into it, two newsletters you should sign up for:Original Jurisdiction: one of my fave legal writers, David Lat, talks law. You can get a free subscription by emailing originaljurisdiction.assistant@gmail.com with the subject line “…


A big privacy case & Amazon's smart-dumb deal

Happy bank holiday Monday! Keeping it short today:India's biggest privacy case, ever.Amazon & MGM: a breakdown.


The battle of the Tims, Snapchat & blood diamonds

Good Monday afternoon! Straight into it today:Epic v Apple winds downSnap drops $500m on a startupPink diamonds = blood diamonds?


Special issue: a chat with Ali Zahid

Happy Monday! Last week, I sent Ali Zahid - YC alumn and the founder of LegalMate - a really nerdy message on LinkedIn.Ali was kind enough not only to reply - but offered to chat with me about his parents' ambitions, his journey into the startup world, angel …


Innovation races, a big trial & Fluent

Happy Monday! I got a little carried away with writing today's stories, so I only have two long reads for you today:The inventor's dilemma.Epic vs. Apple.


Satoshi, antitrust & a dumb case

Happy Monday. Legit is six months old today! A quick thank you to the 2,080 of you who've joined me on this journey so far.I have a lot of fun writing Legit, and hope to continue writing it for as long as you continue reading it.Keeping it light in today's is…


Cryptokicks, weed & telemedicine

Happy Monday. First off - thanks for the feedback on last week's issue on artificial creativity! Lmk if deep-dives on trends are something you want to see more often.Second - we hit 2k subscribers!Let's get into today's issue: Big Tech-healthcare M&A.Nike…


Special Issue: Artificial Creativity

Happy Monday! Today's newsletter is a little different.A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a topic that touched all my favourite genres: law, tech, philosophy, the creator economy. After reading and thinking and reading some more, I decided I couldn't not writ…


NFTs, Lil Nas & Palantir

Happy Monday! In the interests of it being a Bank Holiday, we're keeping it short and sweet this week with one trend story and two news stories.In today's issue: NFTs are good for lawyers.Nike vs. Satan Shoes.Peter Thiel's latest (failed) venture: the NHS.


Fraud, WeWork & plant-based leather

Good Monday afternoon. We're back after our two-week break! In today's issue: Insider trading on the dark web.WeWork is going public. Reinventing leather.