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Legit. | Legal News
Legit. | Legal News
Happy Monday! Here’s pt.2 of the best legal/non-legal links I’ve come across this week.
P.s if you’ve come across any good articles lately, send them my way!

Top legal news from this week.
  • Derek Chauvin is sentenced to 22 ½ years for George Floyd’s murder.
  • UN issues a rare call to halt arms sales to Myanmar.
  • Britney Spears heads to court to address her conservatorship. Here’s the transcript of her leaked statement to the court.
  • Banksy trademarks two of his best known artworks in Australia (after failed attempts in Europe).
  • Clop ransomware gang doxes two new victims days after police raids.
  • Rudy Giuliani is suspended from practicing law in New York over false statements about Trump election loss.
  • J&J agrees to pay $230M in opioid settlement.
  • Sweden upholds 5G sales ban against Chinese telecom giant Huawei.
  • Law as code: a legal system shaped by software.
The best non-legal articles I’ve read this week.
Send in the Clouds (Real Life Mag)
Great counter-argument to Balajis; argues how startup cities like Próspera might just be “a ruling class in permanent exile, passing the time by pretending at governance.”
In Praise of Work (Epsilon Theory)
The problem isn’t that we derive too much of our worth and value from work. The problem is that our jobs are becoming increasingly abstracted from work.
Against Being a “Real” Person Online (Terry Nguyen)
On the gradual death of online anonymity and the delightful weirdness of affirmative memes.
Business, The Octopus Game (Commonplace)
On how business is The Octopus Game: doing everything at the same time.
The Dangers of Goal Setting (Luke Burgis)
Your Life is Driven by Network Effects (Nfx)
“The most lasting and effective way to change your life is to change who you’re surrounded by. Since networks so powerfully shape who we are and what we do, the best way to change ourselves is to change our networks.”
The Ladders of Wealth Creation (Nathan Barry)
Nathan Barry’s roadmap for transitioning from an employee to running your own business.
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Legit. | Legal News
Legit. | Legal News @anniamirza

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