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🔗 The last links issue

Legit. | Legal News
Legit. | Legal News
Happy Monday! This is the last links-heavy issue I’ll be sending out. From next week, back to long-form content :)

Top legal news from this week.
The best non-legal articles I’ve read this week.
Travel Is No Cure for the Mind (More to That)
A new favourite of mine. Yeo describes how we’re obsessed with seeking new experiences in the pursuit to leave behind our mundane Box of Daily Experience but, in the process, underestimate the power of finding meaning in our current lives.
Save Like a Pessimist, Invest Like an Optimist (Morgan Housel)
A piece that changed the way I look at saving and investing (not that I am doing much of either).
Steal Successful Ideas from Everywhere (Inverted Passion)
On how the desire to innovate everything can often lead to a significant delay in success (or even failure).
The Disadvantages of an Elite Education (The American Scholar)
Probably one of the best criticisms I’ve read of the hierarchal university system, but, more importantly, a subtle guide to living a more fulfilling life.
Wherefore, qua, bonum: decrypting Indian legalese (Popula)
A peek into how a colonial hangover may have led to the impenetrable legalese used by most Indian courts.
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Legit. | Legal News
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